Altrusa is an international non-profit organisation making our local communities better through leadership, partnership, and service.

Altrusa in New Zealand contains 21 clubs, which form Altrusa International District Fifteen. Our members come from varying occupations and lifestyles, all sharing an interest in community service and enjoying the friendship, fun and satisfaction that comes from working together for the benefit of others.

Each club develops a programme that is tailored to local needs, undertaking a variety of service, literacy and fundraising projects each year.


Keeping NZ beautiful, cooking for young families with Bellyful, treating parents in challenging cirumstances with 'Magic Mums' & 'Dedicated Dads', making Santa Sacks for senior citizens, collecting provisions for food banks...


Providing books to school children, presenting literacy awards, donating books to children in the Womens Refuge at Christmas, giving books to babies via Plunket, handing out free books at community fairs...


Shaking buckets for nationwide street collections or fundraising within our Altrusa clubs by organising movie nights, high teas, fabric bazaars, raffles, garden rambles, champagne breakfasts...


Altrusa allows me to make a difference in the community. I am passionate about literacy as it can open so many doors and change lives for the better.


Becoming an Altrusan is the best decision I have made. Leadership development opportunities in a supportive environment abound throughout the organisation.


To be an Altrusan is to be proud to give service in many ways, be it to one person or many. The impact we have together as a club is very rewarding.


Why Choose Altrusa


Your time is a gift. Aside from regular attendance at a monthly or fortnightly meeting, Altrusa clubs operate projects that allow you to choose when you'd like to serve.


We seek diversity in our membership and strive to welcome, listen to, and appreciate a variety of perspectives from a range of backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.

    Is Altrusa just for women?

  • A.

    Our organization was originally founded as a service organization comprised of women dedicated to leadership development and community service. Today, Altrusa International has an active membership that includes both men and women. Anyone interested in service and volunteerism may be invited to become an Altrusan.

  • Q.

    What is the age range of the members of your clubs?

  • A.

    There is no specific entry age for membership in Altrusa, nor is there a retirement age. We have active Altrusans in District Fifteen in their mid-20s through to their mid-90s. We are always looking for energetic, service-minded members of any age.

  • Q.

    Do all clubs focus on the same projects? Can I suggest a project to a club in my area?

  • A.

    Each local club is free to determine their own service projects and fundraising efforts, based on individual local needs. If you know of an unmet need in your community that Altrusa may be able to help with, please get in touch with a club in your area.

  • Q.

    How would I find a club near me?

  • A.

    District Fifteen has 21 individual Clubs. If you're keen to be a part of Altrusa and there is not an existing club in your area, please get in touch.